The History of St. Jude Thaddeus School

… St. Jude Catholic School, a two story brick building with a daylight basement, was constructed in 1916. For the first eight years the building space was shared with the church.

…The school opened in September of 1916 with one hundred students in the first four grades, taught by two Sisters of Penance and Christian charity of St. Francis. By 1919 all eight grades, with an enrollment of 300 students, were taught by six teachers.

…A high school was added in 1924 but closed in 1927.

…in 1947 all classrooms were renovated. Freshly painted walls, newly sanded floors, new blackboards, new lighting and lockers greeted students on their return to classes in the fall.

…Havre Central High School opened for classes in 1949. The social hall and kitchen were a part of this building, leaving more classroom space in the elementary building. The gym was added in 1951. St. Jude School now had a complete educational plant.

…Enrollment continued to climb in the 1950’s and more space was needed. Construction was started in 1954 on a new two-story addition with twelve classrooms, lavatories and office space. During this period the first and second grade classes were held in Central High. In September 1955, the first classes were held in the newly finished lower floor. When the second floor was completed, some of the rooms in the old section became the library, music room projection room, Boy scout meeting room and later teacher’s lounge.

…The increased enrollment and a decrease in availability of sisters in the early 1950’s necessitated the hiring of lay teachers. In 1956 the elementary school enrollment reached 450. Two sections of the lower grades were added and yearly another class was divided making the hiring of more lay teachers necessary.

…Due to the financial burden imposed by the need to hire qualified lay people to maintain accreditation, it was decided to close Havre Central High in 1968. That fall the 7th and 8th grade students moved into the high school building and in 1971 it officially became havre Central Junior High. In 1984 the 6th grade was also moved to H.C.J.H.

…In the 1970’s a kindergarten was added to the school but was dropped after one year because of lack of students.

…In the 1980’s the enrollment, which had dropped off in the 1970’s, had climbed again. A new kindergarten was added to the school in the fall of 1987. Preschool and extended care services were added to St. Jude School in the fall of 1989.

…1991-92 school year marked 75 year of “Excellence in Education” at St. Jude Thaddeus School. During the summer of 1991, an all school reunion, attended by more than 1000 past students of St. Jude School, helped bring in the 75th year. An Alumni Association was formed to help pepare for the reunion and remains today.

…1994 marked the end of an era. This was the last year Jesuit Priests’ assignments included St. Jude Parish and School. The school was instrumental in a grand “send off” appropriately called “A Salute to the Jesuits.”

…In 1997 the school celebrated 80 years of Catholic Education. During Catholic School’s Week retired teachers and staff were honored at the opening ceremony.

…In the spring of 2003, long time teacher, Mrs. Alma Seidel retired. Mrs. Seidel, one of the first lay teachers hired at St. Jude School, taught of 30 years, touching the lives of an estimated 800+ students who were part of her class.

…The 2006-07 school year celebrated the 90th Anniversary of St. Jude Thaddeus School. Awards were won by the school’s entry into the Havre Festival Days Parade as the float theme was “90 Years and Progressing.”

…Towards the end of the 2010-2011 school year, it was decided that the Jr. High students would move to the Elementary Building from the Havre Central Building. Not only was this move more economical, it brought a sense of spirit, family, and community having all the students under one roof just like the old days!

… The 2011-2012 school year is St. Jude Thaddeus School’s 95th year! St. Jude Thaddeus School continues to progress and strives to achieve the school motto; “St. Jude Thaddeus School, Where Faith and Knowledge Meet” for 95 years and counting!

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