Ms. Kathryn Tilleman

Development Director

Greetings from Development! After 6 years of volunteering, 1 year substitute teaching and 3 years as the St. Jude School Secretary, I am honored and delighted to be taking on the roll as St. Jude Thaddeus School Development Director.

Having attended St. Rose Catholic School in Longview, Washington as a child, it is truly a blessing to share my energy and passion for Catholic education within our own community.

There are many thoughts and feelings that come with taking on the roll as Development Director. It’s a huge responsibility which will offer new and exciting opportunities that will help me to continue to grow and serve where I am called to.

With the guidance and leadership of those around me, I am looking forward to seeing our school grow and continue to provide a top-notch Catholic education for our students. Working in a place where we can celebrate God’s goodness, pray with people who are suffering, witness miracles and put religion as our first subject of the day, is truly a blessing. What an honor to be entrusted and “Called” to do such an important job at St. Jude Thaddeus School. Please feel free to stop by and visit me in the St. Jude Parish Center. I look forward to many more exciting years ahead.