Mrs. Kim O’Leary

Junior High Teaching Faculty

I don’t believe that I necessarily chose to be a Catholic School teacher. I believe that it was chosen for me. When I was younger I felt a calling to follow God. I wanted a family, so I know that joining the Religious Life wasn’t really an option. When I moved to Havre with my husband, I was introduced to St. Jude School. I felt that I had come home. The people and students often change, but the feeling of family never does. As a teacher at this school I am able to incorporate Jesus into everyday life. I don’t know how I would teach without being able to mention Jesus or God. I would feel like a part of me was missing. I believe that we are not only a school for the academic, but we are a school for the spiritual. We have a responsibility to instill morals, values, and a love for Jesus that other schools don’t have the opportunity to give. I believe that St. Jude Thaddeus School is accomplishing this responsibility.